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The letters in PLUS each stand for a filter that leaders can use for decision-making: P — Policies and Procedures: Is the decision in line with the policies laid out by the company? Even a complete about face may be the most appropriate action further down the track. Test your decision Could you comfortably explain your decision to your mother? Write a to 1,word reflective summary in which you answer the following questions: What were the ethical issues presented in the simulation? L — Legal: Will this violate any legal parameters or regulations? Give yourself permission to think of ideas that seem foolish or that appear to break the rules. What individuals and groups have an important stake in the outcome? Ethics in accountancy The accounting profession has led the way when it comes to making ethics central to decision-making, principally with the Code of Ethics which every accounting professional must follow. Do you need an answer to this or any other questions? Probably not very much. This ethical standard puts a lot of emphasis on relationships, and how compassion for the fellow man should drive people to do good by others. It should also be used to assess the viability of any decisions that are being considered for implementation, and make a decision about whether the one that was chosen resolved the PLUS considerations questioned in the first step. It purposely leaves out anything related to making a profit so that leaders can focus on values instead of a potential impact on revenue. You lose control over the situation. You think of ways that you have handled similar problems in the past.

For example, What if money was no object? If so, how? If the problem is more personal and involves harassment of some kind, it is more appropriate to only deal with those involved and establish a plan of action to handle that particular situation.

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Do you need an answer to this or any other questions? Does this decision involve a choice between a good and bad alternative, or perhaps between two "goods" or between two "bads"?

Implement and Evaluate This is where talk meets action.

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Turn the problem upside down. Complete the Ethics Game.

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Is that person dealing with an addiction?

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Ethical Decision Making: How to Make Ethical Decisions in 5 Steps