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From 10 RM up. Above average priced restaurant with excellent food.

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Once the cheapest place to stay on the island and for good reason. Tuna Bay is one of the newer and classier outfits, offering air-con chalets at a steep RM and up, including hot showers and safety deposit boxes in every room. Cost is 10 ringgit March Arrangements can also be made for island cruises, and boats can be hired to go exploring for private bays and secluded coves. Dead, broken coral covered the majority, probably due to years of anchored boats and such shallow waters making it prone to other human damage. There is a good chance to see big monitor lizards and large spiders between Long Beach and Coral Bay Kecil , and if you are walking off the main trails, you are likely to spot some wild monkeys if you are lucky. In addition to the full-day trip, Ombak resort also offer a half-day version. Things to do 1. Still, 5-star luxury it isn't, and the list prices of RM to RM are overpriced especially since some of the older, further-off chalets are downright grotty; take a look at your room first and ask to see a different one if you don't like it. Make no mistake, however, Tuna Bay is not a 5-star luxury experience. Sea view fan room from RM in peak season summer The dorm comes with a locker and hard, unstable bunk bed, reasonable bathroom. Great views from the balcony. We get to the parking area, paid the fee and leave Kuala Besut. Oh La La's and Monkey bar have sunken or mat seating whereas Blacktips is a tiny shack with beach seating, but that always kicks off as a party late in the night so if you want to dance, go there.

Nice beach bar with friendly staff. Its worth taking some supply up to the island like fresh fruit, cookies, cigarettes etc. The resort has its own generator and 24hr electricity.

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Later at Fisherman Village jetty, our guides did some arrangements. In places which Halal meals are hardly to find, we will serve meals based on seafood, vegetarian or packed halal meals.

There is always coffee and free hot water. In fact I think we can snorkel even anywhere in Perhentian.

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It's body is yellow-greenish while the fin is purple and blue colored. I just cropped and changed the size, so it is easier and faster to be uploaded into blogger. But this one is black turtle.

Whereas under the lighthouse, there's another group of small fishes, swimming in spiral formation between the pillars.

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4D3N Snorkeling Package at The Barat Perhentian, Pulau Perhentian