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Growing up as a Chinese American woman, Kingston was exposed to gender roles defined by the traditional Chinese culture and the American culture.

Americans viewed African Americans as inferiors even after they were no longer considered slaves These stories clearly depict the oppression of woman in Chinese society.

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Thousands of people come to the U. Even expanded in this way, the warrior still has a connotation of physical bravery, masculine strength, and unhindered confidence. On the surface, the two of them seem very different however when one looks below the surface they are very similar.

There are numerous ways that Kingston suggests and incorporates gender discrimination into her story.

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Since her mother's talk-story was one of the. An example of how they superficially seem different is the incident at the drug store when Kingston is mortified at what her mother makes her do.

She is an active feminist and the author of two well-known books, The Woman Warrior and China Men Thousands of people come to the U.

American ghosts may or may not be real Maxine Kingston was born in the United States to Chinese immigrant parents.

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