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He must be an individual with little temptations and few distractions.

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Their greatest desire being that of acquiring and to a Prince it is this desire which must be use to instill fear in the people in order to keep them loyal, since the main thing people fear is losing what they have. This causes a great deal of controversy since human nature does not allow for someone to function effectively when not loved by the people he governs.

Then again, he wrote hi book in a time where people had less options than what exist today. Machiavelli believed that since there is such a distance between these two that we should only regard the way things are and forget about how they ought to be. Please note that this sample paper on Discussion on Machiavelli's The Prince is for your review only. Machiavelli believes that a good prince must use this knowledge of the people to his advantage. Since people were not good by nature, he believed that a Prince should take any action whether it is regarded as virtuous or not, which will aid him in the long run. Important points β€” Machiavelli purposes that a prince must be ostentatious about his generosity to gain a reputation of being generous. Upon further examination one may find that his prince is a person of little or no personality. It is good to be generous with money, just not your own if you want to preserve legacy. Inside this essay, I will discuss the deserves, shortfalls and contravene arguments of the philosopher political philosophy and system.

Hereditary states are states that are ruled for many years by an already established family. Scipio on the other hand failed in that he was not cruel enough to lead his soldiers.

Out staff of freelance writers includes over experts proficient in Discussion on Machiavelli's The Prince, therefore you can rest assured that your assignment will be handled by only top rated specialists. Before Machiavelli, philosophers believed that there were always virtues and vices and these were each others opposite. New political writers have either added to theories previously developed or have completely contradicted these theories and created a new way of thinking. He also thought that honesty should always be overlooked if it would benefit his throne. If one aims to please everyone, because that is what is believed to be virtuous, than he will only harm himself in the long run. Machiavelli continues by stating a prince should appear as a trustworthy and pious ruler to the people, but in truth does not possess these traits- it is actually impossible. Humanism was a Renaissance idea that emphasis human potential and ability. One social ideal of the Renaissance was Humanism. Its faith was up in the air and a certain individual decided to express his opinions as well as concern.

Machiavelli views the people as an inert mass that must be molded by the prince as the singular desire of people is to acquire.

He must be a master of deception.

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Important points β€” Machiavelli purposes that a prince must be ostentatious about his generosity to gain a reputation of being generous. He makes a distinction stating if one is trying to be prince, he must be generous, if one is already a prince he must be miserly.

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