The educational crisis in the arab world

For many who can access school today, the possibility of learning in a classroom is jeopardized by continued conflicts.

the role of education in the arab world

Report Post Many younger generation around the world invest in their education with the aim of gaining better employment and job opportunities. For reasons of political expediency however, the governments of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and other Muslim states have allowed and even encouraged another version of "educational software," one developed by people like Said Qutub and organizations like the Muslim Brotherhood.

Nothing less than a renaissance - drawing on the dynamism latent to Arabic, and centred on the revitalisation of the language, its teaching and its use - is required for Arabic to remain a lingua franca that allows Arabs to take their place confidently in the knowledge society.

Nearly one in five people — around 85 million in total — are aged 15 to To become agents of change, however, it is incumbent on the teachers themselves to transform. The AHDR reports that no more than 10, books have been translated into Arabic in the past 1, years, equivalent to the number of books that have been translated into Spanish in one year.

Report Summary Children walk to school in Saudi Arabia.

Womens education in middle east statistics

The educational "software" became corrupted in the further reaches of the Arab world, becoming in essence the equivalent of a "pirated" version of the original software. But diglossia is both a boon and a bane to Arabic. Nearly one in five people — around 85 million in total — are aged 15 to Students can in turn influence schools to make adjustments and offer courses that are instead of greater demand. And education systems are geared towards a public sector job market that is shrinking, and for entry to post-secondary education. One in four young people are out of work. Children and youth of today are the leaders and workforce of tomorrow. Evaluate and modernize pre-service teacher training as part of a comprehensive reform plan. Attempts to use US-based organizations to reform the education system may not be the best fit for the region. This has since kickstarted a shift in the developing economies to begin investment in education. Arabisation involves the adaptation of concepts, terminology, and approaches to various disciplines. Consider the case of Egypt.

Diglossia refers to two varieties of the same language existing concurrently. These delays are a source of deep frustration. Events Podcast.

education in arab culture

Students cannot count on their performance or scholastic record to secure a job.

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Fixing the education crisis in the Middle East and North Africa region