Social media and brand awareness

It might sound corny, but the person behind your social presence represents a one-of-a-kind voice.

how to increase your brand through social media

For instance, even if your budget allows managing four different platforms, really hone in and focus on two. Also, check out they engage with customer questions — which can lead to brand awareness! Decide which one could most help you build an active community of loyal customers.

People like to share videos, so video creation will increase your brand awareness considerably. Define the colors your company uses for its branding and always use those.

So, talk like one.

tactics to increase brand awareness on social media

While LinkedIn is a bit different than the other three channels we discussed, there are some basic functions that are the same across the board, such as commenting on posts or milestones.

When sharing visual content, the most effective visuals are infographics, memes, gifs or other images in addition to video, which reigns supreme.

Make all the pieces of your visual content look like they belong together by using the same picture size, filters, patterns, and font types.

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Join groups Facebook and LinkedIn have groups that revolve around certain topics. However, you need to keep in mind that in these social media platforms, the number of male and female users also vary. Hashtags instantly make your posts searchable and smaller, niche tags help introduce your brand to dedicated communities of potential fans. And while this may seem obvious, many brands fall into the trap of becoming robotic. This will give your content the best chance to gain visibility and momentum. No, seriously. Strategy Implementation. It just makes sense. Next comes organic following. You probably use a good tool for this, and might even have daily or weekly reports sent to you. Propose an exchange guest blog post, where you write an article that gets posted to their blog and they write one that gets published on yours. Instead, use strong emotional elements in your stories to show people what your brand is all about and what it truly represents. Here are a few strategies that will set your brand apart from its competitors.

Get creative. Case studies.

Brand awareness strategy for social media

Make sure these profile pictures are sized correctly for each platform, or they may appear blurry or morphed once uploaded. Content creation Content creation is a large portion of learning how to use social media to develop your brand awareness. They will help you sync your social networking profiles, find fresh content, and schedule hundreds of social media posts at once. Of course, the key here is to tread lightly. How to Build a Marketing Machine 3. His goal is to help small and growing businesses maintain insight into emerging trends and best practices, provide a stellar customer experience, and remain highly competitive in their respective industries. Ensure your branding is consistent across all your social media sites, as well as your website and blog. You know where your customers are; take advantage of that opportunity and market to them! Run a few different variances of these ads until you see which resonates with your audience the best.

The idea is to connect to other users with quality and informational content.

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31 ways to increase brand awareness using social media