Sloppiness is a bad habit

How to Beat Bad Writing Habits My workshop professor just did a very refreshing and helpful exercise in class.

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Cut the Chitchat - Dialog in fiction shouldn't contain the normal, mundane chatter. Someone who develops a habit of moaning - even in an incidental or jokey way - will quickly become earmarked as trouble by the powers that be. For example, a sales professional might excel with new clients, and he may be great at closing sales.

You shouldn't see the name over and over. Here are some of the big ones that writers often make. For example, if your character if flying from New York to Nashville, and the airport and plane are not germane to the story, have her go to the airport and then jump ahead to the landing in Nashville. That's the kind of notoriety that follows you from one workplace to another. Good companies thrive on flexibility and being tenacious enough to adapt to new challenges and juggle whatever's thrown at you is all part of being a great employee. Our careers can be prone to slumps — professional bad habits that become our comfort zone, but are highly detrimental to our long term career health. In a paper published in the journal Psychological Science, professor Kathleen Vohs and her colleagues at University of Minnesota explore how a cluttered, chaotic workspace seems to encourage people to think outside the box. I post about books, writing, my writing journey, and anything that catches my fancy. Be as succinct as you can, because no-one wants to wade through paragraphs of text and it will dilute whatever point you're making.

In MRI scans, this even correlated to more efficient brain systems. Hardly anyone is that exuberant.

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Mapping Your Path from Chaos to Career. Andy misjudged the dress code in The Devil Wears Prada Bad personal presentation We all know that being presentable is the one of the most basic edicts of professionalismcreating the impression you want to give of yourself to the rest of the world.

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Sloppy Speech Habits Hinder, Rather Than Help, Dynamic Communication