Should religion be allowed in schools

By asking the student, Mr. Indeed, educators are able to exercise considerable control over "student expression to assure that participants learn whatever lessons the activity is designed to teach, that readers or listeners are not exposed to material that may be inappropriate for their level of maturity, and that the views of the individual speaker are not erroneously attributed to the school.

religion and education

She tries to do so. After researching the question, the teacher may explain the answer to Talia in a secular, objective and nondoctrinal manner, or recommend a book on the subject which is secular, unbiased and nondoctrinal.

Smith's request, went to the principal to seek guidance.

Religion in public schools statistics

Any discussion of religion in the classroom should be sensitive to the beliefs of the different students in the class. If the program is voluntary and privately funded, why should anyone be concerned? Today, our student bodies are much more diverse. Pontotoc County School District, F. If other organizations, religious or otherwise, are granted access to public facilities, churches must be granted access as well. Sorenson, F. William C. In my opinion, religious education wastes 50 minutes of my time each week when I am taught stuff that goes in one ear and out the other. This is as much a free speech issue as it is a religious liberty issue. Can you imagine the outrage that would ensue if a Quran class were to be taught in a predominantly Muslim public school district? Students should know basic religious facts and should be able to recognize the diversity that exists in each belief system that surrounds them.

Religious education is easily ignored when it comes to teaching it in schools. This concern is heightened, of course, at the elementary school level.

Mere exposure to ideas that one finds objectionable on religious grounds does not rise to the level of a free exercise claim that compelled activity would.

Faith in public schools

Allowing them to have a better concept about what is going on in the world around us dealing with different religions, cultures, and values. Each of us today should be concerned with eliminating or minimizing barriers to equality. Parker proposes that the mother come to class and explain Hanukkah. If students are going to function as global citizens, and be members of society; they will need to understand religion's impact on history, politics, society, and culture. Religion in the Curriculum For Educators Public schools may not teach religion, although teaching about religion in a secular context is permitted. Although the course is now voluntary and funded by private donations, it is administered by the school district. Teaching religion may provoke an exchange of hateful comments between students who have prejudice against people of a certain religion. That doesn't mean to say I don't respect people with those beliefs, it just means I don't share them and I definitely don't need to be taught what I regard as made-up stuff to fill in what we don't already know about Earth. That it is better to just keep to themselves, in fear that it could offend someone and their own beliefs. The school should not excuse Joe from using the standard reader. One parent, who had to remove her daughter from the school system after she was bullied for opting out of the class, cares very much. Mead School Dist. But public schools may not pressure students to engage in prayer or other religious activities. If they are present, these students may feel excluded or coerced.

However, the school must ensure that the standard reader neither promotes nor opposes religion, and that Joe is merely required to read and discuss the material and is not required to perform or refrain from performing any act forbidden or mandated by his religion.

If other organizations, religious or otherwise, are granted access to public facilities, churches must be granted access as well.

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Should Religion Be Taught in Schools?