Research proposal on the impact of single parenting on the academic performance of children

The stress of having to find the necessity of life such as food, shelter and clothing for the family by a single parent consequently places them at risk of becoming detached from their children, and compromises their ability to succeed in their academics.

effects of single parenting on child development

Therefore, all these concepts and believes, unable people to classify anyhow absence from school or class to be truancy. Where out of wedlock births are accepted by society, they may result in single parenting. Female 2. If yes, what is your reason s?

Research proposal on the impact of single parenting on the academic performance of children

Even when controlling for economic and racial differences of the family, children from two- parents households outperform children from one-parent households across a variety of measures. Whiting And I. Rosenthal and Jacobson found that when teachers labelled students as bright and praised them, the students react in a positive way and the original prediction is fulfilled but if teachers labelled students as not bright, the students react in negative way and the original prediction is fulfilled. From the figure 1. Do your parent s work? This implies that, there is difference between the truancy behaviour of students from single parent homes and those from intact parent homes. Ghana Statistical Service, Population and housing census. He also showed evidence that fathers absence boys have more difficulty forming peer relationship and long lasting heterosexual relationship as compared to boys raised in fathers present homes.

Cherlin, A. This shows that majority of respondents completed JSS and also majority of 20 male respondents representing The marriage and family experience; intimate relationship in the changing society.

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Survey design was used to collect precise information concerning the current status of phenomena. The term truancy, typically refers to absence caused by students of their own free will, and usually does not refer to legitimate excused absence, such as ones related to a 9 medicated conditions. According to Wagnat, there is a need to address single-parent children and academic achievement. What is your religion? Most parents expressed the view that parenting had changed substantially when compared with parenting 20 years ago. Take advantage of state-funded childcare programs, and medical and dental insurance plans to ease some of the financial strain on your family. The results as contained in table 4. Marriage, divorce, remarriage. Attend school every day, every class one time. The schools used punishments such as caning, weeding, bringing of gravels and brooms and sacked from school. Moor, A. If yes how much?

Truant 8 th grade were 4. Single-parenting is already becoming a fast and rapidly growing trend in the society. According Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, single-parenting has been defined as a mother or father who looks after children on their own without the other partner.

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Again, Fischer indicated that children who grow up in household with only one biological parent are worse of average than children who grow up in household with both of their biological parents. The second hypothesis revealed that there is no significant difference between truancy behaviour of children from single-parent homes and those from two parent homes. The modern culture has changed and outgrown the values and beliefs that were thought to be the core beliefs and values of our society. The population of Kwaso is estimated at three thousand according to the population and housing census. Workers who fall under this are government workers and Multinational companies and etc. The focus was on both single parent homes and two parent homes, as this research compared the academic performance of children from these homes. Instead, children are adversely affected by circumstances that concur with single-parent family configurations such as economic disadvantage, residential instability, and inter-parental conflict or the consequence of such configurations such as disrupted parenting. For instance, Grall , reported that there are approximately Assistance aimed at making them self —employed, and self-reliant to provide a better future for their children, though the problem of large number of children left with the widow has not helped the situation especially with the present standard of living, which is astronomically high beyond the reach of the poor Amato

It among others includes, research design, target population, sample size, sampling techniques, techniques of data collection and data analysis and presentation.

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