Reactivity of metals with water and acid essay

Each of the atoms consists of subatomic particles which make up a nucleus and outer orbits After getting all the powders get a spatula and the top pan balance. Experiment on Metals Aim-To find out which of these metals will be most reactive with hydrochloric acid,and plan an investigation to test it out.

Heavy metals are quite stable An ore is a rock that has minerals and essential elements such as metals. Among all the pollutantsheavy metals are easily transported and accumuted in the environment.

Then we reset the stop clock if we have to and put the calcium powder in the conical flask and when it is in the conical flask we quickly start the stop clock. This metal was discovered in Khafajah Mesopotamia; around BC first kiln date.

Then plug in the top pan balance and weigh the mass of each powder to 0.

reactivity of metals with hydrochloric acid experiment
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C19 metals and their reactivity