News writing and reporting textbook publishers

Media convergence is the most significant development in the news industry in the last century. Sample course syllabi for semester and quarter courses provide suggested models for structuring your courses.

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Broadcast News Writing, Reporting, and Producing will be completely overhauled to reflect the trends of convergent journalism on every page. The text encourages readers to perform exceptional journalistic work while providing the background theory and concepts required to be successful in this competitive industry.

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Sidebars featuring how examples used in the text relate to convergence in journalism help students to draw connections easily between current stories and trends in the industry. Everything a journalist does involves learned skills, starting with critical thinking.

New co-author Frank Barnas brings a multi-faceted perspective of writing, reporting, and producing that allows for multi-platform delivery systems, and shows students with real-world examples the functions and practices of today's media.

news writing and reporting textbook publishers

The comprehensive approach of this text brings a multi-faceted perspective of writing, reporting, and producing that is needed more than ever in today's world of convergent journalism.

Newswriting Assignments enable students to broaden their reporting skills and practice writing. However, the 21st century journalist has fluidity to write and deliver news content in a variety of formats.

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Dynamics of News Reporting and Writing