Monroe s motivated sequence driving while using cell phone

the dangers of using a cellphone while driving speech

You'll learn tips and tricks to manage your anxiety, to give varying types of presentations, to effectively structure a speech, and to confidently deliver a speech. Therefore, this implies that many people are busy working and in such situations, the use of a cell phone may seem destructive and can lead to other adverse consequences.

Also please remember to keep your cell phone out of arms reach if the urge to text while driving is irresistible.

dangers of cellphone use while driving

On individuals? Step 2: Perceive. Teenagers are most likely to text while driving and it is dangerous. Maybe yours? We point this out not to condone driving and drinking but to put the danger of texting while driving into the proper perspective.

Toast your bride! Incognitive psychologist George Miller found that people can hold about seven chunks of information, give or take two or, five to ninein their minds at one time. Return to Top See the future - step 4 In this step the audience "experiences" the solution.

She was texting a player on the team, who invited her, trying to get directions to the game. After doing some research on this topic, I am now much more aware on the danger of texting while driving.

For this reason I'm going to talk to you more about the dangers of texting while driving, the legal actions to reduce it and also preventative measures you can take to reduce it.

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SOLUTION: The danger of using your cell phone and texting while driving