Math 131

Ordinary Differential Equations II.

math 132

The History of Mathematics. This course lays a rigorous theoretical foundation for further advanced study in graph theory.

boun math

Restricted to seniors in mathematical sciences with at least 85 credit hours taken toward the degree. Introduction to Computational Mathematics. Exam review sessions: TAs will run at least three review sessions before each Exam.

what is mathematics

An exception to this policy is made in the case where the stated alternative prerequisite course has been completed at VCU.

Your instructor will notify you the schedule of review sessions one week before the exam.

Istanbul university mathematics

The growth, development and far-reaching applications of trigonometry, navigation, cartography, logarithms and algebra through ancient, medieval, post-Renaissance and modern times are explored. Perspective Geometry. Theory and applications of difference equations including existence and uniqueness of solutions, linearization and stability, periodic solutions, and bifurcations. Prerequisite: permission of instructor. Iterative Numerical Methods. Semester course; 2 lecture and 2 laboratory hours. May be repeated once for credit with a different emphasis and permission of the instructor. Experimental Mathematics. Exponential, logarithmic and trigonometric functions. As appropriate, transformational geometry, congruence, similarity and geometric constructions will be discussed. Measure and Integration Theory. Semester course; 2 lecture hours; 2 credits.
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MATH Mathematics for the Modern World