Key players in civil trial

The jury listens to the evidence during a trial, and then decides whether a defendant is "guilty" or "not guilty" in criminal cases, and "liable" responsible or "not liable" not responsible in civil cases.

Courtroom positions

The Witnesses The role of the witnesses is to say what they saw and heard in order to shed light on the events. The probation officer and judge use the U. At the trial, evidence is presented to a judge, or sometimes to a jury, to determine if the accused person committed the crime. But there are some exceptions. All lawyers are officers of the court. The judge also receives the evidence presented by the parties and hears their witnesses. Thirdly, the judge is responsible for giving the jury instructions on laws which apply to the case at hand as well as standards that must be maintained in deciding the case. Becoming a lawyer usually requires a college degree and a degree from law school.

Associate Judge Supreme Court The person who generally carries out the judicial function of hearing and determining issues which arise before and after trial in civil cases. Vanderburgh County which includes the city of Evansville.

Judges of local city and town courts are elected every four years by local voters.

Courtroom layout

Because what takes place in the courtroom may affect the parties for years to come, everyone involved must be able to hear and understand the proceedings. Under federal law, every trial must be recorded word for word. They transport defendants who are in custody to and from their court hearings and trials. The accused can also decide to testify and give her version of the facts, but the accused is never obliged to testify. Court Clerk Each judge has a court clerk who administers oaths, manages the court file, numbers the exhibits, maintains the exhibits during the trial, and is responsible for all court documents. In some states, there are other ways to become a member of the bar e. In civil cases, the defendant is allowed to be present but oftentimes they are absent from court. In civil cases, the parties can agree any time before the verdict is given that the jury's verdict need not be unanimous, but must represent the majority of the jurors' votes.

Most judges usually practice law first to gain more experience and knowledge about the law. The fifth and final task for judges is sentencing criminal defendants after they have been convicted. The primary requirement for someone to become a judge is that they have a law degree and be a licensed attorney.

The task of each set of lawyers is to bring forth facts that paint their client in a positive light and prove their innocence. The fifth is to sentence convicted criminal defendants.

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The Players in a Trial Courtroom