How to write an adventure story ks3

Opening This part of your story must work to engage your reader, beginning to absorb them into your 'story-world'.

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Example Can you find the 'plot hook'? Plot hook The 'plot hook' in this example is 'What could possibly go wrong?

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Download it here. This is not the end of your story — not quite. It starts in a tunnel, which of course needs describing, and the other side of that they emerge in a fantasy land, which, guess what, also needs describing.

And this lesson is one where students of all abilities including in mixed ability groups from Y7 to Y9 are taught engaging creative writing.

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It will develop from the 'plot hook'. It can sometimes help to use a familiar place that your reader can relate to in some way. Give it a try here. Giving students time for thinking and the creation of ideas is essential.

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KS2 or KS3 Adventure Stories narrative writing unit of work by stebbingp