Haiers strategy for global success

Throughout the s, the company realized its vision, and made multiple acquisitions to diversify its product portfolio and the company brand quickly become ubiquitous throughout China. Therefore, willingly embracing the concept of open innovation, they collaborate with organizations everywhere they operate — which is how the company ends up working with the best universities and research institutes in the world.

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It has become a lifestyle brand. The company also keeps in touch personally just in case the monitoring has missed some cause of dissatisfaction.

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In the domestic market, Haier focuses on four leading product categories: refrigerators, refrigerating cabinets, air conditioners and washing machines. Haier again has the leading position in 5G home service in the industry.

Haier transnational strategy

To Zhang and others at Haier, this organization design represents an explicit effort to avoid being disrupted by technological change. He borrowed routines and practices for continuous improvement from the quality movement — which was then, in the mids, first becoming visible in industries outside Japan. Instead, it would build appliances that solved problems for its customers — the first problem being the unreliability and poor quality of refrigerators in China. The Leader L. Through its simplicity and continuity, this principle has given all employees a reliable compass with which to make decisions, even in the face of disruptive market challenges such as new technologies or new competitors. In the past, our relationship with a supplier like Mitsubishi might have consisted of us going to them and giving them the specs for a new air conditioning compressor. The process is not unlike choosing the accessories on a new car, except that there tend to be more choices. Its 7 brands have all become mainstream in their local markets.

This strategy aims to position the company as a local brand in different world markets in conjunction with enhanced product competitiveness and strong corporate operations.

This brand cluster also showcased the abilities of the Haier Smart Home system.

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Haier: Taking a Chinese Company Global