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Cia goes back inside her home and begins packing her bag, choosing the three personal items she is allowed to take with her.

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She loves her family and her community, and she was raised to be familiar with the environment. The 3 domains of life are Bacteria.

As Kumalo boards the train, his companion passes on a request from a man named Sibeko, whose daughter accompanied a white family to Johannesburg and has not written since. Though Zeen does not know why his father did not give him the credit he deserved at graduation, his father was trying to protect him from being a target of the government.

After sending the girl to the kitchen for some food, Kumalo wonders who may have sent the letter.

Summary — Chapter 2 The Reverend Stephen Kumalo, a native Zulu, sits in his house writing when a young girl appears with a letter. As the hills roll down to the valley below, however, they become red and bare. She wants her children to be productive and keep their nose to the ground, but not at the risk of getting noticed by government officials. Analysis The opening chapters of the novel introduce readers to Cia and her post-apocalyptic world. He and his wife pool the St. He has come to take them to the capital for the Testing. The grass there has been destroyed by cattle and fire, and the streams have all run dry. Organelle a membrane enclosed structure with a specialized function within a cell Molecules 2 or more atoms held together by covalent bonds Hierarchy of Life Biosphere-ecosystem-community-population-organism-organ system-organ-tissue-cell-organelle-molecule Emergent properties new properties that arise with each step upward in the hierarchy of life owning to the arrangement and interactions of parts as complexity increases prokaryotic cells No nucleus; a type of cell lacking a membrane-enclosed nucleus found only on domain bacteria and archaea Eukaryotic cells a type of cell that has a membrane-enclosed nucleus and membrane-enclosed organelles. After the talk with her father, her choices are not sentimental. Cia is excited that her dream has come true, but Zandri protests her candidacy. Cia is disappointed and confused about what she will do now that her dream of attending University has been shattered. This misty vantage point looks out over one of the fairest valleys of Africa, where the native birds sing and the grass is dense and green.

She looks around for an official from the capital, Tosu City, but she does not see anyone. Even though she is supposed to be having a graduation party, it is difficult to celebrate because leaving for the Testing means that she will probably never return home again.

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The Testing Chapter Summary and Analysis