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An additional problem is the degree of economic uncertainty that may impact on customer ability to buy phones. This latter remains today the leading programme of its kind.

This case explores this profitable but risky strategy. Opportunities can affect both the present as well as the future condition of an organization. By contrast, Nokia is really struggling. This is done not only through advertisement but rather through expanding distribution network, which include through Internet Providers, Third Party Retail Stores and Flagship Stores.

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Importantly with regard to assessing who is stronger, it is essential to identify the uncertainties in the market place — new technologies, responses of consumer electronics companies, etc.

Looking back at when the company was incorporated one of it investor with the name Mike Markkula created a three point marketing philosophy, amazingly 35years letter the company still manage to use it and gain strong marketing position and customer loyalty.

This marketing genius of Apple has seen this company outperform beyond the business world's expectations.

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Bargaining Power of Suppliers: This is how much pressure suppliers can place on a business. We consider that there are several Apple products with several appealing features such as: iMac, iPod, iPhone and iPad. This are mostly considered being above the organisational control. Strong Marketing and Advertising Teams: Apple has a strong marketing and advertising team, which help in standing them out among their competitors. The world market leader responded by launching its own phones with touch screens. But Apple had one great competitive advantage: its technology and software were superior — i. Ongoing consolidation as quest for lower prices pushes down margins. To follow up this development, Apple launched the Apple Tablet in — again an element of risk because no one really new how well such a product would be received or what its function really was. Apple Inc is an American multinational organization located in 1 infinite loop, Cupertino, California , in the middle of the Silicon Valley. The company uses all majors to know what exactly its customers want and how to get them excited with its products and services. Apart from the classy, iconic styles of the iPod and the iPhone, there is nothing that rivals cannot match over time.

The beginnings of Apple started with Wozniak assembling a simple built computer machine. It will steal some of the thunder from the iPhone and tie users into the Nokia service. New York. It remains exclusive to Apple and means that the company has a specialist market where it has real competitive advantage and can charge higher prices.

This study is dedicated in developing and applying the methods that are necessary to achieve business and operations improvement of the company.

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Strategic Management: Apple Inc. Case Study Essay