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If your handwriting is large, make sure you write an extra page to compensate!

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Even if this seems like a dry and dusty academic exercise, we should still strive to show our best work and effort. The introduction and conclusion are clear and somewhat developed. So, who actually looks at your ACT Essay scores? There is little or no evidence of an organizational structure or of the logical grouping of ideas. Most ideas are fully elaborated. What is your target ACT score? Transitions, if used, are simple and obvious. What did you do to get the score you wanted? However, it is still a good idea to take the ACT Plus Wiring if 1 the colleges you're looking at recommend the test; and 2 you have solid writing skills. This gives you four scores from Your raw score is the total number of questions you answered correctly in each section. Stick to a study schedule. Take a look at the chart below to determine how different scores compare among test takers between and From ACT. How are the Individual Test Sections Scored? And a happy grader is a good thing!

The essay takes a position on the issue and may offer a broad context for discussion. Development of ideas is specific and logical.

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Each domain will receive a total score of 12, and all of these domain scores are then averaged to your total ACT writing score, out of You may be better suited for the SAT, and most schools will take both.

Updated January 05, For the current ACT administered in the academic year, the average writing score is a 7 on a point scale. Little to no organization is evident, while errors in language usage may be common and often impede understanding.

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Your score in this section reflects your ability to use standard written language to convey your ideas. This score reflects your ability to organize an essay into a cohesive structure with clarity and purpose. Each of these dimensions is scored individually, so your writing scores will vary based on your strengths in each area. The essay may include excessive repetition of the writer's ideas or of ideas in the prompt. Unless the writing exam is required, take it only if you think it will strengthen your college application. The only way to succeed is to learn the patterns. If, in your application package, you indicate a desire to pursue a certain career path or major, and excel in that area on your ACT, the college may weigh that score a little higher than the composite or the other subject areas. Click here! For an essay that's truly easy on the eyes, make sure you ident each paragraphs and avoid messy cross-outs Build the right ACT prep plan for you Our private tutors will help you build a prep plan that's customized to your score goals, study habits, and schedule.

A student's raw score for a section is converted to a scaled score, which ranges between a 1 and a 36, with 36 being the highest possible score. Yes, there are students who take the ACT without ever practicing or studying, and get a near perfect score.

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If your GPA is near perfect, and you have excellent entrance essays and extracurriculars, you may have a little more wiggle room on your ACT score. Papers at each level exhibit all or most of the characteristics described at each score point. Shoot for a minimum of 8 on the essay. Choosing to take the Writing test does not impact your Composite score or subject area scores, but without the Writing test score, no ELA score will be reported. This number is nearly four points lower than average ACT Composite scores, a fact that caused a lot of anxiety and confusion among test-takers and eventually led to ACT reintroducing the point scale. Some attempt at organization is visible. The essay shows a clear understanding of the task. The organization of the essay is simple. The only way to improve is to figure out where your weaknesses are, and why you are struggling. And some schools may not even require a standardized test score.

If examples are given, they are general and may not be clearly relevant. Most ideas are elaborated, with clear movement between general statements and specific reasons, examples, and details.

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You should compare your score to the range of of scores accepted by your school. The introduction and conclusion are clear and generally well developed. Build practice tests into your study plan. Errors may be frequently distracting and may sometimes impede understanding. Sentence structure and word choice are usually simple. Ideas are logically sequenced. Find high quality test prep and practice materials. No Score. Treat ACT Essay seriously, and prepare for it wisely. Shoot for a minimum of 8 on the essay. The essay does not respond to the task.

Improve other areas of your application. Second of all, they already have access to a score quickly summarizing your ACT essay performance.

As you will learn below, some colleges care more about your ACT Essay than others.

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What is a Good ACT Writing Score?