An overview of the history of hacking as a positive term

There is no official definition of a hacker, rather a vague idea amongst the masses.

history of hacking ppt

A white hat hacker can mimic a genuine cyber attack that black hat hackers would attempt to carry out using all the same strategies that a real attack would use.

As it continued to inflate, stopping the game, a set of letters became clearly visible. Curiosity of what the system did, how the system could be used, HOW the system did what did, and WHY it did what it did. The positive overtones of being considered a good hacker were slowly overshadowed by the implication that your hacking skills were probably being used to do bad things.

Grey hat hackers comprise curious people who have just about enough computer language skills to enable them to hack a system to locate potential loopholes in the network security system.

Raymond, it "nicely illustrates the difference between 'hacker' and 'cracker'. IncDc created a third spin off, known as Hactivisimo.

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A Brief History of Hacker Culture